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The Prolight Board Indiegogo

August 13, 2013


Prolight Boards saving lives by making riders more visible at night

Manufacturing LED Lit Professional Skateboards for visibility at dusk and night.



Hi, I’m Abraham Carattini, founder, inventor, visionary, patent holder, athelete and member of consortium comprised of inventors, NASA aerospace engineers, contract and patent attorneys, concept marketers and product development teams. Partnered with an engineering specialist and owner of LED lighting company.


Prolight Boards

In September 2008, Abraham Carattini, founder of PROLIGHT BOARDS, INC., was returning home late one night. While only a few blocks from his home, which is near a skating park, he pulled up to a red light to make a right turn. Thinking all was clear, he began the turn and almost hit a skater who seemed to appear out of nowhere. Abraham was shaken by the thought that the skater could have been seriously injured. He wondered how many other skaters had not been quite as fortunate. From this experience he came up with the idea of an LED lighted skateboard. Immediately, he began working on a prototype that would provide this safety feature without compromising the integrity of the board. After research revealed the breadth and scope of the skateboarding industry, Abraham realized that he had a solid, if not revolutionary, idea.

PROLIGHT BOARDS, INC. is an innovative sport-board lighting company that holds patented LED lighting technology for skateboards.


What We Need & What You Get


These are the various phases we’re looking to provide 100,000+ funding towards…


Phase 4 (Need Funding)


Inventory of a full line of skate boards; seven different design shapes of the push button and remote control modes.

Phase 5 (Need Funding)


Ongoing development, production and packaging of software, product line, safety gear and a “safety oriented” clothing line. Solidify relationships with our sales channels and accounts.

Phase 6 (Need Funding)


Expansion in manufacturing for wood boards, PLB brand trucks, and PLB brand wheels.

Our Perks like most surround our product. We offer the supporters to be the first to rock a cool personal logo T-Shirt of the pattoned Blue Angler Fish, really cool Personalized Prolight Board Plague with engraved gifter’s name or Our very own Signature Long Boards which can been seen on our website

If we fail to reach our goal, we’ll use the funding to help market the product and manufacture some boards that could drawl heavy interest of investors and venture capitalist backing on continuance of covering the 3 Phases to bring this dream to a reality.




The Impact

LED lighting and board design not only allows a skater distinctive individualization and self-expression, but introduces innovative concepts and new trends for a growing market. The technology also makes skaters more visible at night which decreases the likelihood of being hit by vehicles.

Once launched in the United States, ProLight plans to expand internationally, initially targeting Australia where night skateboarding has been banned due to accidents and injuries resulting from skaters not being visible at night. The law provides the perfect opportunity to highlight ProLight’s unique attributes that blend safety and creative inspiration to revolutionize the skateboarding industry.

Other Ways You Can Help

A lot of lives have been lost surrounding drivers and skateboarder related accidents at night. You, yourself might know someone who has been gravely injured or lost they’re life because a similar accident.

In 2011, there were 42 reported cases of skateboarders killed in California, Texas, and Virginia. The numbers continue to grow in 2012, and 2013 due to poor visibility. City ordinances are being placed, to prohibit skateboarders from riding after sunset. On April 15, 2013 a 12 year-old-girl was killed in Florida crossing a road at night and May 4, 2013 An 8-year-old Jefferson Hills boy died after being hit by a car Friday night. These numbers continue to soar. So if u can’t help monetary, please get the word out via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and of coarse the old fashion way “Word of Mouth” about this campaign because this won’t just help us, it may help one of your love ones one day. Don’t forget, there’s Indiegogo share tools to help make things easier in your quest to make Prolight Boards a reality.

ANDREW’S STORY (Extended Interview)


Friend us at and get your board
on Indiegogo to create your own team within your City, State, or
Country. Team Prolight Boards can only grow with your help.
An please share your experience and photo’s, once you receive your
board on our facebook page. We’re excited to have you apart.


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