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Crystal Guard Zero! Ahhhh! INDIEGOGO! GO NOW!

August 12, 2013


Crystal Guard Zero – Chemical that cleans & turns surfaces into crystal glass

Crystal Guard Zero is a revolutionary chemical invented in Japan that cleans and turns any surfaces into crystal glass. Ideal for cars, bikes, gadgets, and etc.

Crystal Guard -It's Real Liquid Crystal Glass

Our new product “Crystal Guard Zero” is a very unique chemical that cleans & turns any surfaces into real crystal glass.

Before we go into the details of our new chemical, I would like you to know about its base ingredient “Crystal Guard”. Its performance is amazing:

1. Cleanability - Water sheeting effect 2. Glossiness - Gloss retention 100% 3. Durability - Mohs hardness scale 6

Crystal Guard is primarily formulated for automobiles but its use can be extended for motorcycles, bikes, boats, air planes, sinks, furniture, luggages, smart phones, gadgets, watches, cameras and all your accessories.

You don’t need to worry about errors or smudges, anyone can use with confidence and ease.

You car will look like this. Or even your smart phone will look like this.

That was our original Crystal Guard and we had to transcend our own limit. After experimenting and refining Crystal Guard for 10 years, we came up with a new formula that merges the sealant and cleaning ingredients into one powerful and harm free chemical.

We now need your support to launch this revolutionary product “Crystal Guard Zero” into the global market and to realize the ultimate dream of the late inventor.

Wether you have a car or not, we believe you’ll love it.

What is Crystal Guard?

Our original Crystal Guard is a revolutionary chemical product that was invented by a Japanese chemist. The power of Crystal Guard lies in its ability to create a micro-thin crystal glass layer bonded on any non-absorbent surfaces in normal temperature.

20-30% more gloss and 800% more durability

Crystal Guard doesn’t oxidize or deteriorate unlike wax, oil or, silicon-based products. It adds 20 – 30% more gloss to clear coated auto bodies. Besides that, it enhances surface durability by800% (more than all teflon-based polymer sealants) and makes the surfaces resistant to acide and heat (up to 1,500F).

That’s not all. Crystal Guard also fills micro disperities and reduces friction making your surface as smooth as this:

Crystal glass makes any surfaces this smooth

To understand Crystal Guard, let’s delve into more details.

3 Big Advantages of Crystal Guard

Let’s look at the 3 major and proven advantages of Crystal Guard.

1. High Cleanability – Water sheeting effect

Crystal Guard is not “repellent”; it is “hydrophobic” in nature like crystal glass.

Crystal Guard is Hydrophobic instead of repellent.

Here’s the difference between Crystal Guard and other normal sealants.

A repellent sealant or wax beads the water, which means it keeps water on the surface and attracts more dust & dirt. It causes stains on the paint and possibly accelerates oxidation in the worst scenario.

On the other hand, Crystal Guard creates a hydrophobic layer that sheets water off your car surface. It makes it super easy to clean your car with tap water only. Plus, Crystal Guard reduces static charges on surfaces, thus, making them attract less dirt.

To demonstrate the cleanability of Crystal Guard, we simulated dirt deposits with a white board marker on a test plate. Repellent sealant and wax applied on the left side and Crystal Guard applied on the right side. We only soaked and shook the plate several times in water. Watch this:

Repellent sealant and wax on the left, and hydrophobic Crystal Guard on the right.

I think you already know that glass cups are easier to clean compared to ceramic cups. If you want to see that in action, watch video on the top.

2. Glossiness –100% Gloss retention

Crystal Guard adds and prolongs the gloss on the bodies of old and brand new cars alike.

Crystal Guard has gloss retention 100%

Crystal Guard contains NO oil or wax based ingredients. The Japanese National Standard anti-weathering test (JIS K 2396) has proven that Crystal Guard layers don’t deteriorate and as matter of fact, they retain 100% gloss unless physically damaged.

Every subsequent application leaves you with super clear mirror-like reflection like the one below:

mirror-looking reflection of Crystal Guard

3. Durability – Mohs hardness scale 6

The Japanese national standard anti-weathering test (JIS K 2396) further proved that the surface of Crystal Guard layer has a hardness of 6 in the Mohs scale. This is equivalent to the hardness of a 9H pencil in the Japanese standard or the hardness of 11H in the USA. When you seal your paint with Crystal Guard, you will effectually protect the surfaces from swirls in the future.

Crystal Guard's hardness is 6 in Mohs scale.

The Crystal Guard layer is also acid resistant and heat registant up to 1,500 F. No stain is left even after bird droppings.

Evolving to much better chemical

We are not entirely new in the automotive chemical industry. Over the last 10 years, our products have relieved hundreds of thousands of Japanese citizens from the tiresome process of wax-on & wax-off karate-kid duties.

To deliver greater value to our customers, we continually improve the performance of our Crystal Guard line of products. Our products keep evolving and we now want to usher a new revolutionary chemical into the global market.

Let me introduce our new product, Crystal Guard Zero.

Crystal Guard Zero - Compatible solution between cleansing and durability capabilities

Crystal Guard Zero

We have optimized the new Crystal Guard Zero by combining two powerful yet contradictory properties “durability” and “detergency”.

Every time you buy some “wax & shampoo” products, you have to trade-off either of the two properties to avoid a conflict. Do you know why? The reason is simple; a detergent’s work is to remove wax and dirt deposits.

Though Crystal Guard contains no wax or oil, it has the ability of removing dirt or oil off surfaces and creating a crystal glass layer on any surface.

We have tested over 1,000 patterns of Crystal Guard Zero prototype for the last 10 years and we want to assure that there was no compromise in safety and performance at all.

1,000 experiments for Crystal Guard Zero

After a decade of reseach and experimentation, we completed the new formula.

Clean, Shine, and Protect in One Step!

The new Crystal Guard Zero is easy to use. You only need to spray and wipe it like any window or bathroom cleaneing agent in your home. That is all.

Crystal Guard Zero is easy. Just spray and wipe.

You don’t need to apply any pressure when wiping a surface. The chemical creates a crystal layer bonded on paint once it touches the surface.

This new product will relieve you off regular headaches and the burden of washing your car. The beauty of it all is that it cleans, polishes, and protects your car without the need of water, even in the middle of desert.

That’s not all.

Crystal Guard Zero will save you hundreds of dollars that you would have otherwise spent in detailing and waxing your car week-in and week-out. Just grab s bottle of Crystal Guard Zero and spray & wipe with ease.

Crystal Guard is a multi-purpose product that has been optimized for automobiles, motorcycles, glasses, watches, sinks, luggages, counters, and several other accessories.

Saves your energy and time while you enjoy polishing your gadgets with it 🙂

10 Detailed advantages of Crystal Guard

1. Cleanability – Water sheeting effect
2. Glossiness – Gloss retention 100%
3. Durability – Mohs hardness scale 6

We have already mentioned the 3 major benefits in fair details above. Now, let’s look at 7 more that you need to know.

4. ZERO minute for application

“Zero” is for “zero minute for application.” The best thing about Crystal Guard Zero is that you do not even need to worry about the sealant application process. All you have to do is to spray & wipe. That’s all.

car wax versus Crystal Guard Zero

If you apply it to your car severally, it will create a crystal layer equivalent to our primary product Crystal Guard One, which is the base ingredient of Zero.

(One and Pro also need only 5 minutes for each application.)

5. Expert results and affordable price

Crystal Guard Zero is a cost-effective cleaning product. Each 270ml (9.13oz.) bottle will retail for $27.95 which is more than enough to cater for multiple cleaning and polishing needs. Multiple applications guarantee professional results and a durable crystal glass layer which would cost you over $100 or more at car detailers.

When it comes to performance, there is no alternative or replica of Crystal Guard. All other products sold at major retail stores like Amazon for $15 to $60 are based on wax or silicone. Unlike Crystal Guard, their gloss retention and cleanability are not proven which means they oxidize upon application.

6. Real crystal glass

As we have mentioned, Crystal Guard turns into a smooth and genuine micro thin crystal glass layer just like your watch. Once you apply it, the chemical will remove micro disparities on your surface leaving it smooth and flat.

Do you want a genuine proof of crystal glass? Just burn the chemical at a temperature of 5,500F (3,000C) as shown below, and it will turn into real crystal glass.

7. Build up your crystal glass layer yourself

All wax or sealant starts oxidizing and deteriorating right from the first application. Worse still, wax needs to be removed before a subsequent application and this increases the possibility of damages surfaces.

On the other hand, application of fixative sealant creates stacked-up smudgy layers which cause garish reflection on any surface. The situation doesn’t improve when you hire detailer because they won’t let you maintain the automobile surface yourself.

Unlike wax or sealant, Crystal Guard never oxidizes or deteriorates with time. In fact, the more you apply the thicker the crystal glass layer you’ll get. Every layers bonds with preceding layer create super clear reflections on your surfaces.

Crystal Guard layer build up as 1 layer.

You can now see why Crystal Guard is the only one product that gets better with multiple applications.

Unlike wax, multiple applications of Crystal Guard will fill swirls creating smooth and durable surfaces. In fact, it keeps filling swirls unless you physically rub or damage the surfaces.

Crystal Guard fills swirls

8. Greater versatility

Crystal Guard can create a crystal glass layer on any surfaces so long as it’s not absorbent. You can apply it on plastics, carbon fiber, chrome plates, or wood panels. Interestingly, some people apply crystal Guard on gadgets such as smartphones.

I got inspired to apply it on my Galaxy Note II a couple of time and it’s now super slippery to carry without a cover.

Crystal Guard reflection on smart phone.

9. Environmentally safe and ecological

Crystal Guard contains no compounds or solvents. It’s a biodegradable chemical whose ecological safety has been tested & proven already in the USA at Bureau Veritas (ex. MTL-ACTS). Crystal Guard has no known harm at all and thus, it’s EPA & TSCA compliant.

10. No need for car wax anymore

You wanna be a life-time Karate Kid?

If you have been struggling with car wax then you will be glad to know that Crystal Guard eliminates the need for car wax, once and for all. You don’t have to struggle wax-on and wax-off your car week in week out or worry about smudges in your surfaces. The improved Crystal Guard is easy to apply and wipe.

Just say good-bye to car wax today. Spray & wipe Crystal Guard Zero while humming your favorite song.

By the way, this is not our 1st. challenge

I know you are wondering what Crystal Guard is and how it came into being. Well, the idea of Crystal Guard was conceived and implemented in Japan almost a decade ago. Soon after, it was introduced in California in the year 2002.

Crystal Guard in 2002

The original Crystal Guard was a bit expensive for most consumers, and to be honest it was not successful. We agonized over the decision to scale down operations and move our core business operation back to Japan in 2003.

Fortunately, Crystal Guard was well accepted by Japanese consumers. Crystal Guard One & Pro are well known in the Japanese automotive market and are currently available at nation-wide retail stores.

Our 2nd. challenge to the world

We’ve never given up on our desire for global distribution. After 10 years of experimentation, we successfully invented a new formula for our first global product.

Unfortunately, the original inventor/chemist passed on after we moved our operations to Japan. This was a difficult time because were struggling to satisfy the needs of our overseas customers overseas. Though we regret the decade long withdrawal of our products, we are excited to re-launch the next generation Crystal Guard products in the United States and launch it in the global market.

Crystal Guard Now in 2013

Crystal Guard has now evolved. We have been working with the inventor’s son to re-launch it again with much more powerful chemical. That’s why we need YOU TODAY!

Summary of rewards

reward comparison

Chris Talguard Maid Sticker – “000 the Spray That Sold Me”

Chris Talguard, our iconic maid, featured in the introduction video. We have made a special sticker of her with James Bond spy style.

It’s a very high quality sticker that you can stick on your car after Crystal Guard application.

Chris Talguard 000 - Spray that sold me

Crystal Guard ZeroCrystal Guard Zero

With the retail version of Crystal Guard Zero, you can clean, shine, and protect any surface in a single application.

Every subsequent application increases the gloss and durability of your surface. Our earnest supporters around the world will be first people to try this new amazing chemical.

9.13 oz. (270 ml) bottle. + 10% more FREE only for supporters!

Prototype of Crystal Guard Zero Pro

Since Crystal Guard Zero is based on Crystal Guard One, we have decided to produce 300 bottles of a powerful prototype based on Crystal Guard Pro.

Though we have not tested this prototype, we have every reason to believe that it will be 5x more powerful than Crystal Guard Zero! We don’t intend to make a retail version of it now, but we will create a few 9.13 oz. (270 ml) bottles of Crystal Guard Zero Pro for individuals who want to test-pilot this powerful prototype mobile-suit. Oops, I meant prototype chemical.

9.13 oz. (270 ml) bottle.

Note: All the products below are currently sold in Japan only. Though they have no English labeling or manuals, you can still try them ahead of the official global distribution. Don’t worry; we will include a temporary English manual in your order.

Crystal Guard OneCrystal Guard One

Crystal Guard One is actually the base ingredient of Crystal Guard Zero. It brings all the benefits described above with only one application. To get the best from Crystal Guard chemical, you need to try our primary product Crystal Guard One. When your car is still wet after car wash. Just spray and wipe, and the application will be done in less than 5 minutes.

3.88 oz. (100 ml) bottle is enough for 5 cars.

Crystal Guard Wheel ProCrystal Guard Pro

Crystal Guard Pro is 5X more powerful than Crystal Guard One. In other words, 1 application of Pro is equivalent to 5 applications of One. Think about a warp 5 engine on NX-01 compared to a warp 1 engine on Phoenix.

3.88 oz. (100 ml) bottle is enough for 5 cars.

Crystal Guard Wheel ArmorCrystal Guard Wheel Armor (Rim Armor)

We have optimized Crystal Guard chemical to maximize its durability and protection. As part of our global distribution strategy, we may change the name from “Wheel”, as it is called in Japan, to “Rim Armor”.

Once you apply it, you can clean your rims easily with tap water without worrying about stains. Crystal Guard prevents aluminum rims from staining.

Just look at how easy it is to clean your car rims with Crystal Guard.

Your rims will be super easy to clean with Crystal Guard.

1 oz. (30 ml) bottle treats 40 rims.

Crystal Guard Wash OneCrystal Guard Wash One

One wash is a powerful car shampoo with a special Crystal Guard accelerator included. You can use it as a primer to maximize the results when cleaning or maintaining a surface.

Get the 6.76 oz. (200 ml) bottle (serves 10 cars) and be the first one to experiment it outside Japan!

Why do we need you?

We need your earnest support so that we can launch Crystal Guard in the global market. If we can do this, then we will make the dream of our dear departed inventor come true at last.

Our goal covers a minimum initial cost to produce and launch Crystal Guard Zero.

To keep the retail price under $30, we need to produce at least 2 barrels for EACH primary ingredient at the factory. The total cost will exceed tens of thousand dollars.

We’ve already completed label design and the only thing that remains is to get a minimum order of 10,000 bottles and 50,000 film labels.

Label design is completed already, but we also need to order a minimum lot of 10,000 bottles and 50,000 film labels.

$25,000 covers:

  • Meeting initial cost of chemical production
  • Printing labels
  • Securing bottles
  • US fulfillment capabilities
  • US UPC code registration at GS1 for barcodes
  • Support our unpaid maid girl, Chris Talguard

We work with a special and iconic maid girl, Chris Talguard, who voluntarily posed for the introduction video that you have seen. Unfortunately, we have not been able to reward her for her adorable performance because we operate on an extremely limited budget. It’s our earnest desire to reward her with a portion of the pledges that we receive as a token of appreciation for her outstanding performance.

By the way, without her help, our other maid would have looked like this in the cover!

male maid

The contribution of Chris and our earnest supporters has been savior of our corporate image.


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