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The Drinking Dead – Drinking Card Game #kickstarter #horror

June 18, 2013

The Drinking Dead – Drinking Card Game

A unique drinking game that is fun, fast-paced and easy to learn. This card game is a must for your next party!

Each game contains the following –

22 different Human cards

22 different Zombie cards

8 different Special cards

Instruction card

Six cards are dealt out to each player (two down and four face up). All players pick one card from their hand to play that round and place it on the table face down. At the same time, everyone flips their card over for the “attack.” If the combined strength of the HUMAN cards played are higher than the combined strength of the ZOMBIE cards, then the players who played the ZOMBIE cards take a drink and draw another card. The same thing would happen to the players of HUMAN cards if the ZOMBIES overpowered the HUMANS. If all cards played are ZOMBIES, then everyone takes a drink because it’s a herd of Drinking Dead. If all cards played are HUMAN cards, than everyone gets to choose a player to take a drink. One player, however, cannot be made to take drinks from more than half of the entire group. That is our no bullying rule! A player can use a SPECIAL card to protect themselves from drinking or force someone else to drink instead. Play continues until at least one person goes out by playing all of their cards. Players must take a drink for every card they still hold in their hand. Any players holding a special card will have to take 2 drinks for every SPECIAL card they still have.

I realize that I am breaking one of the unwritten rules of zombie stories by providing the cause for how this happened, however, the following is necessary to explain why these zombies drink: A large amount of hops had become contaminated with a mixture of ashes, formaldehyde and other chemicals from a crematorium close to the fields where the hops were grown. These hops used by several microbreweries and home brew kits produced beers which would cause death within a short time from consumption. The deadly beers also produced mutated yeast which resurrected the brain of the victims with just basic primal instincts of feeding and a thirst for alcohol to further feed the mutated yeast. The mutated yeast was also present in the saliva, so a bite from one of these “Drinking Dead” was just as deadly as drinking a contaminated brew. As a result of recent popular zombie movies and television shows, many believed this was some sort of hoax. Police and other rescue personnel responded to what they thought they were bar fights and public disturbances and quickly became victims themselves. Military installations were infiltrated believing their personnel returning from town were playing a prank. By the time the federal government was made aware of the situation, there were not many military or local authorities remaining to control the epidemic. The survivors are few, but are refusing to give up without a fight!

HFE Productions is a company recently started by Jim and Tina Holmes to develop and distribute quality games that are fun, unique and easy to learn and play. Party games, drinking games and games for adult couples have been our area of focus. This way, we cover all the fun things in life! We have always enjoyed entertaining and sharing great games with friends. Over the years we have come up with our own ideas that we would like to share with everyone.

We want to reward our backers with REWARDS! The following items will be sent as additional rewards to everyone from REWARD 2 to 7 who backs our project.


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